Starters and Salads
Green salad
feuilles de saison
Fr. 6,50
Tossed salad
feuilles de saison, carrots, corn, radishes et tomatoes
Fr. 9,50
Fr. 12,50
Chicken tandoori salad
lettuce, slices of grilled chicken, grapes and fresh pineapple
Fr. 19,–
Tomato, mozzarella cheese salad
with basil and lemon-yellow thyme
Fr. 19,–
Salat Ho Lap Kaï
thai chicken served on a bed of crispy iceberg lettuce
Fr. 17,–
Yam Woon Sen Koung
thai noodle salad with shrimps
Fr. 19,–
Avocado tartar with sesame
spicy shrimps and crisp garden salad
Fr. 21,–
Salmon tartar
80 gr.
served with coriander, lime
and a crispy noodle salad
160 gr.
Fr. 16,–
Fr. 27,–
Tortilla wraps
with Tandooro chicken and avocado dish
Fr. 11,–
Fr. 18,–
Fresh guacamole with nachos
Fr. 13,–
Cavaillon melon gaspacho with port wine,
toppoed with crunchy dried ham bits
Fr. 12,–
Tom Kha Kung
coconut and shrimp soup with rice noodle
Fr. 14,–
Penne with goat cheese
black olives and cherry tomatoes
Fr. 21,–
Phat Thaï
thaï sauteed rice pasta with fresh shrimps, tofu, mung and chives
Fr. 24,–
Sautéed Thai noodle
with crispy vegetables and tofu
Fr. 25,–
Quinoa tabbouleh
served with spicy tomatoes and fresh vegetables
Fr. 25,–
Chicken tajine
with fresh figs and dried apricots
served with couscous semolina and currants
Fr. 31,–
Grilled beef filet topped with “maître d’hôtel” butter
served with ranch fries (crisp) and a fresh garden salad
Fr. 39,–
Grilled ostrich filet médaillon “au jus” with truffles
served with ranch fries (crisp) and a fresh garden salad
Fr. 35,–
Moo Pad Pikking
red curry pork, thai beans and oriental rice
Fr. 29,–
Kaï Pad Kaprow
Sautéed chicken with basil and oriental rice
Fr. 29,–
Kaeng Panang Pad Mamuang
curry panang and mango duck with oriental rice
Fr. 34,–
Grilled shark with coriander pesto
sweet potato mousse and fresh garden salad
Fr. 31,–
Mild curry shrimp
with fresh vegetables and oriental rice
Fr. 34,–
Chicken nuggets, fries (crisps) and ketchup
Fr. 14,–
Criolloro chocolate (66%) mousse with dried strawberries
Fr. 11,–
Ice cream parfait with lime and mango
Fr. 12,–
Thai sticky rice and exotic fruit salad
served with a sweet and spicy lime topping
Fr. 11.–
Ice cream and sorbets
whatever flavours you fancy!
two scoops
Fr. 6,–
VAT 7,6% included